Our services cater to each driver's requirements, so give us a call and let's talk about what we can do for you!
We can provide:

Race Prep

 Vintage Race Car Restoration

  • All facets of engine, gearbox, and differential service and repair
  • Chassis inspection and repair
  • Suspension inspection, crack testing, and engineering
  • Shock and spring testing
  • Alignment and suspension geometry check
  • Fluid and filter changes
  • Brake system inspection and service
  • Complete tire service
We have performed countless total vintage race car restorations on sedans, sports cars, sports racers, and formula cars including every car featured on this site.
Contact us to discuss your restoration project and we will provide detailed information about our past restorations and how we can help with the next steps in your project.

Race Car Transport and Trackside Service

Driver Training

We offer transport to and from all major vintage races as well as complete trackside service during the race weekend. We've been transporting and supporting vintage race cars at tracks for over 20 years with complete satisfaction.
We also offer complete arrive-and-drive service. If you prefer to transport your own car, we can provide trackside service when you arrive. We can also transport your car if you want to service it yourself at the track.
At Michael's Vintage Racing, we understand that each type of vintage car behaves differently under racing conditions. With racing experience and success in a wide variety of vintage race cars, we're capable of providing not only coaching and advice for those new to a particular track or to racing in general, but tips catered to your particular car's attributes. This allows you to both lower your laptimes and increase your comfort level on track, which is a big factor in overall performance.

While at the track, we sit with our drivers to discuss track layout, optimal racing lines, passing opportunities, and to answer any questions a driver may have.

Safety is one of our primary concerns and we take extra steps to make our drivers as safe as possible while retaining the vintage spirit of their cars. We install steel floors, solid belt mounts with optimal anchor locations, and extremely effective rollbars or cages in each of our restorations. We can add these features to your car as well.