Vintage racing is a sport built on passion, history, and competition.

Michael's Vintage Racing is a family-run race shop which has served the vintage racing community for over 20 years. We built our business on a passion for keeping vintage race cars out of barns and garages, and on the track where they belong. We study and celebrate the history of every car in our shop and in the sport. Most of all, we use our success on track to feed our own competitive spirit and help our customers reach their racing goals.

Thanks to a number of full restorations on Elva Couriers and Mk1b, MkIV, and MkVII sports racers we've become known as the "Elva guys" in the vintage racing world, but that hasn't stopped us from supporting competitive Turners, Alfa Romeos, Lolas, Lotuses, Brabhams, Datsuns, MGs, and most notably some of the fastest Ginetta G4s in the country. Whatever you may be interested in racing, we've most likely got some experience!

Our dedication to quality work and customer care has made us one of the most respected shops in vintage racing. If you share our passion, get in touch and let us help you fuel it.

Michael Clifford Sr.

Michael Clifford Sr. has been involved with cars since his teenage years. He draws on decades of experience with road and race cars of all types, including working with the N.A.R.T.’s Luigi Chinetti in the early 1970s. He took that know-how to vintage racing in the early 1990s. His history gives him a rare volume of knowledge and a deep appreciation for vintage cars like yours.

Michael Clifford Jr.

Mike Clifford Jr. has grown up around vintage racing. He built his first car (a Triumph Spitfire 1500) with his dad. In the cockpit, he has achieved race wins in a Lotus Cortina and a track record driving a Ginetta G4. He possesses the mechanical knowledge to properly care for any vintage car in the shop, and the technical know-how to push Michael's Vintage Racing into the modern era.

What is Vintage Racing?

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