1960 Elva 200 #020

Originally campaigned as a works Elva formula junior as chassis #002, this car was crashed heavily and rebuilt as chassis #20. It was then sold to American racer Chuck Deitrich, who won 13 straight SCCA races on the way to a National Championship. This is one of the few Elva 200s which came from the factory with a Ford engine, giving it a decisive advantage over the BMC-engined cars.


• 1,040cc Ford Kent 105E
• 123bhp, 9,000rpm redline
• Dual 40mm Weber DCOE carburetors
• Billet crankshaft, steel rods, forged pistons


• 4-speed VW bus transaxle, mounted upside-down
• Magnesium case
• Left-hand shift linkage
• Upside-down H shift pattern due to the orientation of the transaxle


• All fiberglass body with removable nose and tail
• Round-tube spaceframe chassis design
• First rear-engined chassis designed by Elva
• Unique strut tube at front of engine compartment
• Total weight: ~960lbs without driver


• Coilover suspension at all four corners
• Elva-designed unequal length A-arm front suspension
• Datsun 240Z aluminum finned front brake drums
• Independent swing axle suspension, utilizing the half shaft as the upper control arm • 8" cast iron inboard rear brake drums