1960 Elva 200 #012
Elva 200 Formula Junior #012 was built in 1960 and delivered to Canada, but little of its early history is known. Interestingly, when we discovered it in Ontario the car had been extensively modified to accept a Fiat 1,100cc engine and transaxle in an effort to turn it into a road car. During the course of our complete restoration, we repaired the modified sections of the chassis and returned the appropriate BMC A-series engine and VW transaxle to the car. It was the second of the now three complete Elva 200s running at our shop.
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  • 1,071cc BMC A-Series inline 4 from a Mini Cooper S
  • Single 45mm Weber DCOE carburetor
  • Special "XSP" clone
  • Billet crankshaft
  • Steel main caps
  • Steel rods
  • Forged pistons
  • Ported head
  • Adjustable cam gear
  • Tilton clutch
  • Aluminum flywheel
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  • Volkswagen Bus 4-speed transaxle
  • Mounted upside-down
  • Magnesium case
  • Special side covers
  • Fabricated shift linkage
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  • Tubular steel spaceframe chassis
  • 4-piece fiberglass body
  • Steel floor
  • 1.5" steel roll bar with rear support

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  • 4-wheel independent suspension
  • Unequal length A-arms
  • Coilover dampers
  • Triumph TR2 uprights, steering arms, and aluminum drum brakes
  • Dual wheel cylinders
  • Modified Triumph Herald steering rack

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  • Rear half shafts used as upper control arms
  • Lower A-arms with camber adjustment
  • Twin trailing arms with heim joints
  • Coilover dampers
  • Inboard cast iron drum brakes
  • Cast magnesium uprights
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