1958 Elva Courier Mk1 #100/L-15

When this car first arrived at our shop, it was sporting very original suspension, a functional handbrake, a wooden floor, and original-type seats fitted to the floor with door hinges! This is one of the oldest known surviving Couriers, and the oldest known race car! The car has received a number of improvements since, including a rebuilt MGA engine, 13" wheels, and fully adjustable suspension. The car continues to evolve and Michael always enjoys driving it!


• 1,622cc MGA B-series
• 150bhp, 7,000rpm redline
• Dual 1 3/4" SU carburetors
• Billet crankshaft, steel rods, forged pistons


• 4-speed MGA close-ratio, straight-cut synchromesh gearbox
• Aluminum transmission case
• Riley live rear axle
• 3.9:1 final drive


• All fiberglass body bonded to the frame rails for strength
• 4" round ladder chassis
• Total weight: ~1,400lbs without driver


• Coilover suspension at all four corners
• Elva fabricated front control arms
• Triumph Herald front uprights, disc brakes, and calipers
• Four radius arms on live rear axle • MGA 9" cast iron rear drums