1966 Lotus Cortina Mk1

This Cortina, serial #BA74FM59703, arrived at our shop in 2008. Little is known of its racing history, but we do know the car was raced with SCCA in the Southeast until the late 1990s. We returned the car to its original condition and it has been sucessfully campaigned in small-bore and sedan classes. The car is currently the star in most of our onboard videos, its barking Lotus Twin Cam and sideways style making for great viewing!


• 1,600cc Lotus Twin Cam
• 170bhp, 7,500rpm redline
• Dual 45mm Weber DCOE carburetors
• Billet crankshaft, steel rods, forged pistons
• BRM cam cover


• 4-speed Ford close-ratio, straight-cut dogbox
• Aluminum bellhousing
• Cast iron transmission case
• Ford live rear axle
• Limited slip differential • 4.11:1 final drive


• Steel unibody
• Lotus modifications such as welded "differential bump" in rear and modified driveshaft brackets
• Total weight: ~1,775lbs without driver


• Adjustable coilover struts in front, single leaf springs in rear
• Original Lotus Cortina front suspension and disc brakes
• Original Ford rear live axle
• Special heavy-duty axles
• Ford 9" cast iron rear drums