1966 Lotus 41 Formula B

"This is the Lotus 41, as introduced in 1966. Lotus reverted to a spaceframe chassis again after the monocoque Lotus 35. The spaceframe was stiffened with sheet metal diaphragms in the foot box, dashboard, rear of cockpit, gearbox area and undertray. The wheels were 13 inch 6-spoke cast-magnesium with 7 inch wheels at the front and 9 inch at the rear. Brakes were 10.5 inch Girling discs front and rear. The Lotus 41 broke the dominance of Brabham at that time. Lotus planned to build only 34, but finally 61 were built. The 41 (FL) was used in various classes from 1966 to 1968, scoring a total of 55 victories. Drivers of the Lotus 41 include Piers Courage-who won 5 races and took the French Craven 'A' Championship-and his teammate Roy Pike who also scored a couple of victories. In the UK, Jackie Oliver took some wins and newcomers Derek Bell and Mo Nunn also showed well. In 1967, Gus Hutchison drove his Lotus 41 to 4 wins of 5 races in SCCA's Grand Prix Championship, which was the forerunner to the Formula Continental Championship established the next year. Gus took the overall championship against F1 cars with larger 3 liter racing engines. This beautiful and historic car is powered by the proper Lotus Twin Cam, uses a Hewland FT200 transaxle and has many items which make it a truly exceptional vintage Formula car. This meticulous overall restoration was performed locally by Michael Clifford of Michael's Vintage Racing Inc. located in Hopewell Junction, New York. The restoration process required powder coating of the frame, fabrication of the exhaust system, wiring and cooling system modifications and a complete power train overhaul. Engine was dyno’d at 195 hp." -Dick Leehr, owner and driver


• 1,600cc Lotus Twin Cam
• 195bhp, 8,000rpm redline
• Dual 45mm Weber DCOE carburetors
• Billet crankshaft, steel rods, forged pistons


• 5-speed Hewland straight-cut, dog ring transaxle
• Magnesium transmission case
• Rubber "doughnut" joints at output shafts


• All fiberglass body with removable nose, bellypan, and engine cover
• Round-tube spaceframe chassis design
• Chassis design allowed use in multiple racing formulas
• Total weight: ~950lbs without driver


• Coilover suspension at all four corners
• Numbered Lotus unequal length front A-arms
• Aluminum AP brake calipers front and rear
• Independent rear suspension with unequal length A-arms