1960 Elva 200 #012

Elva 200 Formula Junior #012 was built in 1960 and delivered to Canada, but little of its early history is known. Interestingly, when we discovered it in Ontario the car had been extensively modified to accept a Fiat 1,100cc engine and transaxle in an effort to turn it into a road car! During the course of our complete restoration, we repaired the modified sections of the chassis and returned the appropriate BMC A-series engine and VW transaxle to the car. It was the second of the now three complete Elva 200s running at our shop.


• 1,171cc BMC A-series
• Special XSP clone
• 118bhp, 7,500rpm redline
• Single 45mm Weber DCOE carburetor
• Billet crankshaft, steel rods, forged pistons


• 4-speed VW bus transaxle, mounted upside-down
• Magnesium case
• Left-hand shift linkage
• Upside-down H shift pattern due to the orientation of the transaxle


• All fiberglass body with removable nose and tail
• Round-tube spaceframe chassis design
• First rear-engined chassis designed by Elva
• Total weight: ~960lbs without driver


• Coilover suspension at all four corners
• Elva-designed unequal length A-arm front suspension
• Datsun 240Z aluminum finned front brake drums
• Independent swing axle suspension, utilizing the half shaft as the upper control arm • 8" cast iron inboard rear brake drums