1965 Ginetta G4 #0206
This 1965 Ginetta G4 #0206 was the first G4 to arrive at our shop in 2008; it inspired our other drivers to look into Ginettas and resulted in three other G4s joining the stable! This car spent most of its life racing in Europe at famous tracks such as the Nurburgring, Spa, and Silverstone. It was shipped to California and raced for a few seasons by Tony Ingram before being purchased by its current owner, Hervey Parke. This is one of the more photogenic cars in our shop; the large Union Jack on its nose really attracts attention! This car races regularly in SVRA Group 8 and finishes at or near the top of its class.
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  • 165bhp 1,700cc Ford Kent Pre-crossflow
  • JR forged pistons
  • Steel connecting rods
  • Steel main caps
  • Billet crankshaft
  • Dual 45mm Weber DCOE carburetors
  • Custom ceramic-coated headers
  • Ported big valve cylinder head
  • Cosworth camshaft
  • Adjustable Cam sprocket
  • Full dry sump system with Titan oil pump
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  • Tubular steel spaceframe chassis
  • Bonded fiberglass tub with removable nose and tail
  • Total car weight ~1250lbs wet
  • Fiberglass body features faired-in wraparound windscreen
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  • 7.25" Tilton racing clutch
  • Lightweight steel flywheel
  • Annular throw-out bearing
  • Ultra-close ratio Quaife 4-dog, 4-speed box
  • Durable, braced Ford Anglia rear axle
  • 3.9 limited slip differential
  • Special heavy-duty axles

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  • Front
    • Fully-threaded, externally-adjustable Gaz coilovers
    • Mounted in original locations
    • Aluminum hubs
    • Uprated brakes, uprights, and spindles
    • Adjustable sway bar

  • Rear
    • Fully-threaded, externally adjustable Gaz coilovers
    • Lower locating A-arm
    • Steel radius arms
    • 8" cast iron drums
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