You're interested in vintage racing, but you're not quite sure how it all works.

That's okay, we'll answer some common questions right here! If you still have questions after reading, feel free to contact us.
Q: What is vintage racing?
A: Vintage racing is an exciting and challenging way to hop in the driver's seat of your dream car and race at tracks all over the country and the world! Drivers get to race the vintage car of their choice against other enthusiasts! The atmosphere is laid-back and friendly, so you're sure to meet some new friends!

Q: Which cars are eligible for vintage racing?
A: The roster of eligible cars is large and always growing. A good rule of thumb is any car built before 1974 can race, but if you'd like to know if your car qualifies, don't hesitate to get in touch. SVRA also has a good list of eligible cars here.

Q: I'm interested; What do I have to do to start racing?
A: Congratulations! Getting started is a simple 3-step process.
1) Get your license. Vintage racing organizations offer driving schools, as well as more general racing schools around the country. Many club racing licenses like PCA and BMWCCA are accepted as well!
2) Find a car. Whether or not you have a car in mind, we can help you look for something fun and interesting!
3) Hit the track! Once you have your car and your license, let us do the rest of the work while you enjoy pushing yourself and your car to the limit!

Q: I don't live very close to the shop. Is that a problem?
A: Not at all! We have drivers living everywhere from New York to Florida. Once your car arrives at the shop, we'll store it and take care of transport to the track. All regular maintenance on your car will be performed at our shop, and we make regular calls to keep our drivers updated on our progress. That said, if you are local you're always welcome to stop by!
No matter where you live, when you get to the track your car will be ready and waiting for you!

Q: Where and when are the races?
A: Luckily, vintage racing is a growing sport and there are more races than ever. Races happen from February through December at famous tracks like Watkins Glen, Sebring, Lime Rock, Road America, and COTA. Take a look at our schedule to see what a typical season looks like for us. If there's a race you would be interested in but it isn't there, just let us know! We try new events every year.

Q: How competitive is vintage racing?
A: One of the great things about vintage racing is it can be as competitive as you want it to be! Every event features some drivers enjoying their car at various race tracks, others always looking to find every last tenth of a second, and everyone in between. No matter how serious you want to be, you'll find someone to race with!

Q: How does my car get to the track?
A: This is up to you. You can bring your car to the track yourself, or drop it off with us and let us take care of transport. If we're taking care of your car at the track, you'll be under our team canopies.

Q: How many races can I participate in per year?
A: As many as you like! We have some drivers who take part in only one or two events a year, and others who race 10 times or more!

Q: How are cars grouped together?
A: Grouping changes depending on the organizer of the race, but generally cars are grouped by engine size and type of car. For example, most events include at least a "small bore" group, a "big bore" group, and an "open wheel" group.

Q: How much does it cost to go racing?
A: There are a lot of factors involved, but vintage racing can be enjoyed by people with all sorts of budgets! Give us a call so we can talk about your situation!