1960 Lola-OSCA Mk1
While all Lola Mk1 sports racers are rare and historical, this car (serial number BR10) is especially unique. This car was ordered in 1959 and delivered in 1960 to Chicago car salesman Ollie Schmidt. What made this car different from every other Lola Mk1 was its engine: This was the only car built at the factory to accept an OSCA 750cc twin cam. To fit the engine, BR-10 required a unique front chassis design. The car was campaigned in SCCA H-modified in 1961 with the 750cc engine and won 8 of 10 races to impressively clinch the championship. The car won all but one race it entered in 1962, but did not attend enough races to clinch the championship. Displacement was increased to 850cc in 1963 to match new rules. The car was retired in the early 1970s until it was brought to our shop and completely restored. After a comprehensive restoration, BR-10 now uses a 1460cc Coventry Climax engine and races very successfully in small-bore and sports racer classes.
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